Know² develops eLearning courses and mobile applications for international organizations and law enforcement agencies.

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Know² brings knowledge to an increasingly complex law enforcement environment

Transnational organized crime, for example cybercrime, human trafficking, money laundering and crimes against women and children are a major cause for concern for countries around the world. Organized crime groups have become more sophisticated. They are now using more sophisticated methods to commit crime and disrupt national and human security. There is a huge amount of cross border traffic and trade. This allows criminals greater freedom to smuggle arms, drugs, human beings, launder money and commit crime. Enforcement agencies are faced with the urgent need to increase skill and knowledge of their officers in order to be able to meet these human security challenges.  Know² assists governments, international organizations and law enforcement agencies by providing  a comprehensive training curriculum, expert consulting and applications for the law enforcement community to meet these complex law enforcement challenges.

Know² high quality eLearning courses help reduce costs and increase effectiveness

  • Deliver highly successful law enforcement eLearning courses to your officers when and where they need it.  For example online, on standalone computers, on a dedicated network of computers in E-learning centers or on their mobile devices.
  • Our custom developed, easy to use learning management system helps you automatically keep track of and assigns officers the appropriate courses.
  • Courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization; new courses can be created based on your requirements.
  • Innovative cutting edge law enforcement mobile based knowledge applications that bring increased effectiveness and productivity in the field.
  • IT infrastructure can be managed by us, ensuring simple and trouble free deployment.

Know² brings high quality knowledge to the workplace

Know² has become recognized as a market leader in the design, delivery and evaluation of e-learning for the law enforcement and the security sector. In 2013 a comprehensive evaluation of the Know² training programme was undertaken, which included questionnaires, informal telephone interviews and interviews of officers in the field. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with over 95% of the participants responding that the training provided was an effective method of training.
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Highly interactive

Because of the highly interactive nature of Know² training, students become involved with the subject matter in a meaningful way.

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Scenario based interactions

Because Know² training has been designed to interact with and stimulate a user, this greatly increases the user’s retention of the material.

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Realistic and applicable

Know² training is designed and delivered at a very high quality standard for every user.  This insures that training is delivered at a consistent standard throughout the organization.

Why Choose Know²?

  • Having delivered law enforcement training in more than 50 countries means that Know² can provide products and services that your organization can count on and trust.
  • Our experience designing training in more than 20 languages customized to local circumstances, ensures your organization will avoid the pitfalls associated with providing training in different languages and regions.
  • Know² extensive experience in a wide range of law enforcement topics is a direct benefit for organizations that need to create custom courses that need to meet specific training needs.
  • Because our  courses are a higher quality and are more effective, they are typically used for 10-15 years, which ensures a high return on investment and lower costs.

What Client’s Say

“This is hands down the best training we have ever had. Our effectiveness has gone up dramatically – Customs official”
Luke Morrison, Custom official
“The level of professionalism and attention to detail is unparalleled.”
Robert James, Training Site Manager
“I don’t know why this kind of training is not available in my home country – International trainer”
Luke Beck, Government official

Award-winning training and consulting services

Know² brings expertise, experience and best practice developed all over the world to your workplace.

Know² brings a comprehensive range of training and knowledge solutions to clients, allowing them to deliver more effective performance:

    • Off the shelf courses on a wide range of law enforcement topics for immediate deployment.
    • Customization of our existing courses to meet the specific security or operational circumstances of your agency or country.
    • Creation of new courses using our law enforcement subject mater experts or yours.
    • Multiple languages.
    • Supporting materials, for example booklets, DVDs, mobile applications

Know² has internationally recognised law enforcement professionals from around the globe.
We can provide technical advice for the improvement of national law enforcement agencies and can strengthen responses in the key areas of training, investigation, intelligence and crime prevention. This includes strengthening the role of police and their relationships with communities in crime prevention and knowledge sharing. Developing the capacity of law enforcement with training on subjects such as: Forensics, first responders, enhancement of cross-border and transnational cooperation, intelligence-led policing, precursor identification and investigation digital evidence.
Modern law enforcement requires the use of modern tools and a modern infrastructure including all the IT related software and hardware like user applications, servers, networking  etc.
Know² can provide your organization with its own custom developed knowledge management system, which allows managers to assign appropriate courses and certifications based on student needs. Know² creates custom mobile applications which help organizations keep track of which officers are available for work, their qualifications, their location and guides officers to the location of new incidents. Officers are guided step by step through tasks using standard operating procedures and best practice. For each step in the process, Know² provides officers with relevant knowledge and helps officers record information and evidence about the incident, for example suspect information, voice notes, photos, videos, witness statements, etc.
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